Photo Gallery
Our kids!

Madelain (dark brown) was probably a Lab/Husky/Pointer.  Nan got her as a free pup at the Bayfield County Fair in Wisconsin in 1995.  Even in her golden years, Maddy made at least 1 patrol around the property daily.  It was a sad time when Maddy left us in June 2008.

Valkyrie (tan) is a Chocolate Lab/Golden Retriever.  She is out of a very large litter of pups in Olivet Michigan in 2002.  Val was the sweetest (and fastest!) dog you'll ever meet.  Val loved to ambush people and other dogs.  Val left us in February 2012 - leaving a huge hole in our hearts.

Bernadette Manuelito (beige) is a Husky/Shepard/Lab/Hound (?) born in June 2008.  Bernie had one heck of a puppyhood - we didn't think she'd ever become a good dog.  It was all worth it though.  Bernie is well behaved, tolerant, beautiful and she is our Mini-Maddy.  She somehow acquired a bunch of Maddy's mannerisms.

Fergie is a white Lab born in April 2009.  She's a great dog - easygoing and lovable.  Of course Fergie loves to swim in our pond, inhale rawhides, and also loves to go for car rides.

Izzy is a Lab/German Shorthair Pointer born May 2010.  She's a cuddly, sweet girl but has her own mind.  She is our resident hunter - she catches all types of birds and critters (not snakes!) and also sniffs out sheds.