Gus is a 1998 18.2H, 1800 pound, Clydesdale or Shire gelding (we were told he's a Shire when we bought him, but he's a Clyde).  I'm 5'6" - so you can see he's a big guy!   We brought him home 10/31/04.  He was a wedding carriage horse, so he should be a good driving horse.  The seller's kids climbed all over him and Chris sat on him bareback and walked a few steps - that's the extent of Gus's riding training.

The seller trimmed his hooves in stocks, our farrier trims him without - he is just fine.  He is dewormed regularly according to our vet's schedule. He has a 2005 negative coggins and had his EWT and West Nile vaccinations in 2005.  He does not have scratches.

With some consistent work he could be a great horse.  He was purchased as a riding horse for my husband.  He did not realize how much work goes into training a horse and I do not have the time or desire to take him on as my own.  A different good home is the best for Gus.

He has a neat personality, and is quite sensible - businesslike when he's out.  He comes right up to you at pasture and loves to lick me and flap his lips.  He does get anxious around food - it is an issue that will need work (or patience) to overcome.

Video taken 5/11/05
Gus chasing Talulla - they chase each other around the shed

Chasing (RV)  Chasing (WMV)